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Buddha Sasana Foundation, World Dharma and Burma Project USA
are global human rights, mindfulness-based, activist organizations
producing high-quality digital content, designed to elevate the beauty
of freedom, conscience and dignity, while caring for our precious planet
during this most critical and transformative time in human history.

We produce campaigns, retreats, books, films, audio, streaming events;
all forms of media rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Buddha Sasana Foundation (BSF) is a not-for-profit 501 3 c registered
organization and serves as an umbrella for World Dharma Publications,
World Dharma Online Institute (WDOI), World Dharma Productions,
World Dharma Forum, World Dharma and Burma Project International.

Our main focus is on raising international awareness of freedom,
global human rights, nonviolence, and environmental sanity and
their merger with consciousness, creativity and freedom of expression.

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Donate via Paypal and or credit cards

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Donate via Paypal and or credit cards

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Buddha Sasana Foundation, World Dharma
and The Burma Project International /USA