World Dharma Meditation Retreat Australia
Monday May 28 – Sunday June 3, 2018
with Alan Clements
World Dharma is the Practice of Shared Freedom,
Environmental Sanity and Global Human Rights:
World Dharma fuses Mindful Intelligence with
Insight Meditation, Yoga & Buddhist Psychology
Into the Liberating Art of Being True & Human
At Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa, Uki, NSW

(45 minutes from Byron Bay)

A retreat grounded in the practice of mindfulness meditation in the lineage of
Alan Buddhist teachers – Burma’s Mahasi Sayadaw and Sayadaw U Pandita
– and a non-sectarian World Dharma elevating freedom, dignity & universal rights.
Our intention is to create a safe and open environment for self-inquiry through
direct personal experience, beyond dogma, religion and beliefs, for the purpose
of transformational awakening and its unique translation into all areas of life.

To attend the retreat please fill out the registration form below.
We will confirm your retreat participation within a few days.
The retreat is offered openly, on dana – on a donation basis.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Out of concern for the complexities that many people
face the retreat is offered freely – on a donation basis rather than a fixed cost.

What this means: Rather than paying the base not-for-profit fee of $1195 US
to attend the retreat, one is asked to give $300 upon registration to cover the
costs of the caterers to provide your three gourmet meals a day for six days.

All other retreat costs: lodging, with towels, bedding & private washrooms,
plus other amenities such as the swimming pool, hot tub & spa, in addition to
Alan’s flight & travel expenses from the US to Australia round trip, along with
the teachings themselves, staff support, and daily yoga sessions, are freely
offered on dana. And dana, as you may know, is the practice of unconditional
giving and first experienced by Alan in Burma when living as a Buddhist monk.

At the end our retreat, if so moved, one can offer their own dana. As such, all
dana contributions will go towards making the retreat available next year,
to be offered in this same way – on dana.

Our goal is to not only minimize financial obstacles for those in need and or
with low incomes, or to inspire those with more to give more generously, but
to foster a higher vibration that surrounds the retreat experience itself, thus
creating a more elevated unconditional and safe space for all of us to come
together to practice meditation and explore intimate truths openly and freely.

Overall, it is our intention to bring together a beautiful group of participants
to co-create an oasis of love and transformation, in order to delve deeply
into the experiential (and meditative) exploration of consciousness as the
basis of embodying empathy, humility, and freedom in our everyday lives.

Essentially, we want to more courageously and generously participate in
the healing process – individually and globally – and therefore, we invite you
join us in doing the same at this special retreat, along with our world dharma
partners Stephen and Sonia Armytage – the selfless owners of Gymea Eco
Retreat. Without their generous support this retreat would not be possible.

If you are stirred, please fill out the online registration form at the link below,
and we will confirm your space in a few days. Limited to the first 21 people.
If you register and the retreat is filled, we’ll start a waiting list and inform you.ed, we’ll start a waiting list and inform you.


“The mind is a living organism that chaperons us everywhere, haloing our bodies as the biosphere does the earth. It informs us of everything we think, feel, and say. Consciousness is as central to life as the ecosystem is to the earth. We can’t live without it, nor can it be escaped. It is home. Neglect consciousness — denigrate it, violate it — and like the earth, the individual suffers, and often causes suffering, too. On the other hand, nurture consciousness — understand its nature, inhabit it wisely — and we flourish, and elevate society too.” A Future to Believe In: 108 Reflections on the Art and Activism of Freedom

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