News & Schedule of Events for World Dharma and Alan Clements

A Two-Day World Dharma 
Virtual Retreat from Maui
with Alan Clements
Includes World Dharma talks, guided meditations, Q & A
Gifted freely to the world community
The practice of World Dharma is the cultivation of mindful intelligence.

With the release of the World Dharma video course we will also launch a bi-monthly (freely offered) World Dharma Forum on Zoom where Alan Clements will encourage questions and discussion by participants. 🙏 If anyone would like to voluntarily assist with the technical aspects of Zoom, please DM Alan directly from any of his social media channels or email him from the ‘contact’ page of this site. Thank you



Announcing the worldwide release
An Auto Fictional Dark Satire About Good and Evil
By Alan Clements

Announcing the worldwide release
of the feature documentary film
Life Story and Rebel Wisdom of Alan Clements


watch the trailer and to stream or buy


“I watched [Spiritually Incorrect] last night —it is astoundingly beautiful,
moving, visceral, deeply touching, a light when all others have gone out.“
(Thumbs up!) Sara UK – “Gratitude is when memory is stored
in the heart and not in the mind.” – Lionel Hampton


“Blend a former Buddhist monk with Noam Chomsky, Lenny Bruce, and a
hyper-spiritual Terrence McKenna and you get a sense of Alan Clements …”
Jon Woodhouse, Entertainment writer, The Maui News


Alan Clements offers “a scorching comedic romp through the world of
spiritual and political indoctrination and the commodification of mind
states.” Paul W. Morris, former managing editor of Tricycle: The Buddhist
Review and an editor at the Utne award-winning website
Killing the Buddha, (Alan’s show reviewed in) Yoga Journal.



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Includes three personal skype sessions with Alan Clements. Merging World Dharma with the Wisdom of Mindfulness and the Liberating Art of Being True and Human.
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