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Facebook live broadcasts from Vancouver
October 2, 2017: THE END OF VIOLENCE
October 9, 2017: GENUINENESS
October 16, 2017: BEING PRESENT
Nov 12, 2017: Mindfulness is Not Enough
Nov 20, 2017: ​Meditation ​:​ ​T​he ​P​ractice of ​S​elf-​Intimacy
Nov 27, 2017: Mindfulness is Not Enough​ ​Part 2
Dec 4, 2017: A Call to Action
Feb 19, 2018: World Dharma Forum – Meditation as an Act of Caring
Feb 26, 2018: World Dharma Forum – The Dharma of Everyday Life
​Mar ​5, 2018: Looking for the Dharma, You Find it in Yourself ​(video)
Mar 12, 2018: World Dharma Forum: Sex, Love and Intimacy
Mar 19, 2018: World Dharma Forum: Burma, Reconciliation & Right Speech
Mar 26, 2018: WDF Psychedelics: Beauty, Shadow and the Great Unknown
April 19, 2018: ​ ​World Dharma Forum Melbourne: Facing Yourself
April 23, 2018: WDF Melbourne: Immediacy: An Invitation Into Now
April 26, 2018:  World Dharma Forum Melbourne: What Really Matters? 
April 30, 2018: World Dharma Forum Melbourne:  Eyes That See
May 3, 2018: World Dharma Forum Melbourne: Intimacy, Vulnerability – The Risk of Closeness; Entanglement, Fear, Freedom.
​7 May, 2018 W​orld Dharma Forum Melbourne​:​ Dharma ​& Sex, Yoga ​& Sex​ Greed ​& Sex, Fear ​& Sex: What is Sacred Sex?
May 10, 2018 World Dharma Forum Melbourne: What Makes You Beautiful? Deprogramming Sexuality: From Unconscious Conditioning to Mindful Choice
May 14, 2018: World Dharma Forum Melbourne: Challenging Fear 
May 17, 2018  World Dharma Forum Melbourne: Meditation Simplified
May 21, 2018: World Dharma Forum Melbourne: Mind Control: Am I Me? 
May 27, 2018: Follow up talk, Spiritually Incorrect Byron Bay show
June 11, 2018 WDF Melbourne: Mindful Communication, flawed, real, human – me
June 14, 2018 WDF Melbourne: Wounds,Trauma, Suffering,​ ​Healing & Dhamma
June 18, 2018: WDF Melbourne: Addiction – Interrupting the Core Habit
Mindfulness, Slowing Down and Clear Comprehension

Oct 22, 2018 WDF Vancouver: A New Way of Making Love – A Love Beyond Time 
Oct 25, 2018: WDFV:Exploring the Sacred: Sacred Love, Sacred Life, Sacred Sex
Oct 29, 2018: WDFV: Our Instinct for Freedom & the (dis-) Comfort of Conformity
Nov 1, 2018: Can Authenticity Be Defined & the Courage to Feel Others as Self
Nov 5, 2018: Calling for the Immediate End of Sexual Violence To Women
Nov 8, 2018: WDPF Vancouver  Advice to a Lover, Advice to Myself  PT 1
Alan Clements 12 min.  Guided overview of mindfulness meditation
Nov 12, 2018: WDF Vancouver Advice to a Lover, Advice to Myself Part II — Mindful Communication and the Inarticulate Speech of the Heart  (23 min)
Nov 15, 2018 WDF: Advice to a Lover – Advice to Myself Part III —
Spiritualized Addictions—the Cocaine of the Ego (43 min)
Nov 19, 2018: WDF Vancouver Advice to a Lover, Advice to Myself Part IV —Waking Up Together, Mutual Caring and Fierce Commitment.
Nov 22, 2018: WDF Alan Clements Advice To A Lover Advice to Myself PT V When You Are In Love and When It’s Time to Say Goodbye
Dec 3, 2018: WDF Vancouver Advice to a Lover, Advice to Myself Part VI
Taking it Higher —Being Present, Feeling, Accountability and Reconciliation
Dec 11, 2018: Advice to a Lover, Advice to Myself Part VII – Forgiveness   
Dec 13, 2018: Advice to a Lover, Advice to Myself Part VIII–Eroticism:
An Aesthetic -A Turn On of the Mind, of Consciousness, Freedom Itself
Dec 20, 2018: World Dharma Public Forum Byron Bay: Hope and Meaning
Dec 27, 2018: What Really Matters Part I — A Message for the New Year
Dec 31, 2018: What Really Matters Part II — A Message for the New Year
Jan 3, 2019: Spiritually Incorrect, Denial & the Psychology of Indoctrination
Jan 7, 2019: The Voices in Our Head: projection, internalization, sublimation  
Jan 14, 2019 Post show reflection Spiritually Incorrect Byron Bay, Australia

March 1, 2019 WDF Bali: Spiritual Elegance as Grace Under Pressure
March 7, 2019 WDF Bali: Take a Risk for Love & Beautification of the❤
March 10, 2019 WDF Bali: Showing Up – Reverence as a way of Being
March 17, 2019: Liberation Through Living and Discussion — Canggu, Bali  
March 16, 2019: The Heart of the Dharma: Talk & Q & A — Canggu Bali  
March 27, 2019 Life, Living, Why: What Really Matters + Q & A –Ubud, Bali
March 31, 2019 Ubud, Bali; 2 hr post show discussion on Spiritually Incorrect
April 8, 2019: Micro-dosing the Dharma World Dharma Public Forum Bali
April 13, 2019: Mindful Authenticity-Meditation training Zest-Ubud Bali: 3 hrs
April 18, 2019 Descending the Mountain Panel Ama, DK & Alan – Singapore
April 21, 2019: Meaning of World Dharma PT1 Language & Experience, Bali
April 25, 2019: World Dharma Public Forum Bali – Making Life Our Dharma Art
April 28, 2019 World Dharma Public Forum Bali, Mutual Belonging
May 2, 2019: WDF Bali My Dharma, My Yoga — Sewing Seeds of Awakening
May 5, 2019: WDPF Bali: Choosing States of Consciousness &Liberating Desire
May 9, 2019: WDPF Bali: What is World Dharma PT 6: Meditation in the World
May 11, 2019 PART ONE: Mindful Authenticity Workshop at Zest in Ubud, Bali
May 11, 2019: PART TWO: Mindful Authenticity Workshop at Zest in Ubud, Bali
May 16, 2019: WDPF: World Dharma Part 8: ⁣Relaxing Masks -Beyond Pretense, Mimicry and Indoctrination —⁣”The Yoga of Actualization and ⁣Mindful Intelligence”
May 19, 2019 :Bali: Beyond Extinction —Collapse, Context and Renewal
May 29, 2019 PT 1 World Dharma Public Forum Final Reflections from Bali.
May 29, 2019 PT 2 World Dharma Public Forum Final Reflections from Bali.
June 9, 2019: Mahasi Centre Yangon: Guided meditation on “Mindful Intelligence”
June 11, 2019: Yangon, Burma: Presentation to Myanmar Tour Guide Association. What is the true wealth of Myanmar? (1 hour 30 minutes with Q & A for 30 min.)
June 12, 2019 Alan Clements interviewed by Myanmar Now Newspaper: Role of Dhamma, Mindfulness and Meditation in Daily Life. (the 1 hour video will align if viewed on a handheld device)
July 11, 2019: Conscious Conversations: Love, Sex & Freedom from Addiction with Guest Alan Clements speaking via Facebook Live from LA

Audio clips of Alan’s World Dharma Talks coming soon..

​Jan 26, 2018: ​Final Group ​- ​​Mahasi 10 day ​Retreat ​in ​Burma
​Mar​ 5, 2018: ​Looking for the Dharma, You Find it in Yourself ​